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KINTSUGI - Miraculous Shards

Right after I was born in fire, I was thrown to the ground and broke into pieces. The ancient potter who created me decided I was inferior, and should never be used.

So, I lay on the ground, pelted by rain and wind, and then buried in the soil for 400 years.

Then one day, a hoe hit me, and I popped out of the ground. I was being called a nuisance in the rice field, and was tossed to the side.

But after a while, a man picked me up and took me home, then washed me.
When I next woke up, other Chawan pieces were being joined with me using gold to create a beautiful new gilded Chawan – me.

Now, people cherish me. And I’ve decided that I’m going to live for another one or two hundred years or maybe forever.


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Iori Hisashi – Yoshihisa Tsuruta

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